File type_ops.h#


BY_TYPE_HELPER(name, func, matrix_func)#

Helper to handle polymorphism by creating a switch from a runtime type enum to dispatch to the templated method func. Used to perform type-aware operations.

Args: name: Name of the output function (ex: FormatByType) func: Name of a function template (ex: FormatHelper)

namespace sym


inline bool IsEigenType(const type_t type)#
inline std::pair<int, int> EigenTypeShape(const type_t type)#

Returns the shape of an Eigen type as a pair of ints (rows, cols)


template<typename T>
static constexpr const bool kIsEigenType = std::is_base_of<Eigen::MatrixBase<T>, T>::value#
template<typename T>
static constexpr const bool kIsSparseEigenType = std::is_base_of<Eigen::SparseMatrix<typename T::Scalar>, T>::value#