symforce.examples.custom_factor_generation.factor_residuals module#

custom_between_factor_residual(nav_T_src, nav_T_target, target_T_src_prior, prior_weight, prior_sigmas, epsilon)[source]#

Return the 6dof residual on the relative pose between the given two views. Compares the relative pose between the optimized poses to the relative pose between the priors.

This is similar to geo_factors_codegen.between_factor, but it uses a weight and diagonal covariance instead of a sqrt information matrix

  • nav_T_src (Pose3) – Current pose of the src frame

  • nav_T_target (Pose3) – Current pose of the target frame

  • target_T_src_prior (Pose3) – Prior on the pose of src in the target frame

  • prior_weight (float) – The weight of the Gaussian prior

  • prior_sigmas (Matrix61) – The diagonal of the sqrt covariance matrix

  • epsilon (float) – Small positive value

Return type:



res: The residual of the between factor