symforce.codegen.values_codegen module#

generate_values_keys(values, output_dir, config, namespace='sym', generated_file_name='keys.h', excluded_keys=None, skip_directory_nesting=False)[source]#

Generate C++ variables to easily create ``sym::Key``s from the python key names

  • values (Values) – Will generate an entry for each (recursive) key in the values

  • output_dir (str | PathLike) – Directory in which to output the generated header

  • config (CppConfig) – The CppConfig to use

  • namespace (str) – Namepace for the generated header

  • generated_file_name (str) – Filename of the generated header

  • excluded_keys (Set[GeneratedKey] | None) – Set of disallowed generated keys (for instance, if that key is used elsewhere)

  • skip_directory_nesting (bool) – Generate the output file directly into output_dir instead of adding the usual directory structure inside output_dir

Return type: