Bundle Adjustment#

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This example demonstrates bundle adjustment of camera extrinsics and landmarks using factors built into SymForce. This particular example is set up so that the number of cameras and landmarks is unknown at code generation time and can be changed at runtime; in contrast, the Fixed Size Bundle Adjustment example shows how fixing the number of cameras or landmarks at codegen time can be more efficient.

We randomly generate a set of camera poses and feature correspondences with noise and some outliers, and perform bundle adjustment with feature reprojection residuals and pose priors.



Utilities for building up the problem, by randomly sampling camera poses and feature correspondences, and perturbing initial guesses. This is all returned in the form of a Values produced by the BuildValues function.


This is the C++ file that actually runs the optimization. It builds up the Values for the problem, builds a factor graph, and performs bundle adjustment. See the comments there for more information.