Source code for symforce.notebook_util

# ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
# SymForce - Copyright 2022, Skydio, Inc.
# This source code is under the Apache 2.0 license found in the LICENSE file.
# ----------------------------------------------------------------------------

Helpers for interactive use in a Jupyter notebook with an IPython kernel.

import IPython
import pygments
import sympy as sympy_py


import symforce
import symforce.symbolic as sf
from symforce import typing as T

[docs]def display(*args: T.Any) -> None: """ Display the given expressions in latex, or print if not an expression. """ if symforce.get_symbolic_api() == "sympy": IPython.display.display(*args) return converted_args = [] for arg in args: if isinstance(arg, sf.Matrix): converted_args.append(arg.mat) else: converted_args.append(arg) try: IPython.display.display(sympy_py.S(*converted_args, strict=True)) except (sympy_py.SympifyError, AttributeError, TypeError): IPython.display.display(*args)
[docs]def display_code(code: str, language: str) -> None: """ Display code with syntax highlighting. Args: code (str): Source code language (str): {python, c++, anything supported by pygments} """ # types-pygments doesn't have the type for this lexer = T.cast(T.Any, pygments).lexers.get_lexer_by_name(language) # And sometimes not this either formatter = T.cast(T.Any, pygments).formatters.HtmlFormatter( # pylint: disable=no-member noclasses=True ) html = pygments.highlight(code, lexer, formatter) IPython.display.display(IPython.display.HTML(html))
[docs]def display_code_file(path: T.Openable, language: str) -> None: """ Display code from a file path with syntax highlighting. Args: path (T.Openable): Path to source file language (str): {python, c++, anything supported by pygments} """ with open(path) as f: code = display_code(code, language)