Source code for symforce.ops.impl.abstract_vector_group_ops

# ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
# SymForce - Copyright 2022, Skydio, Inc.
# This source code is under the Apache 2.0 license found in the LICENSE file.
# ----------------------------------------------------------------------------

from symforce import typing as T

from .abstract_storage_ops import AbstractStorageOps

ElementT = T.TypeVar("ElementT")
ElementOrTypeT = T.Union[ElementT, T.Type[ElementT]]

[docs]class AbstractVectorGroupOps(AbstractStorageOps[ElementT]): """ An abstract base class for GroupOps implementations whose group operation is equivalent to storage representation addition, and whose identity element is the element whose storage representation is the 0 vector. For a list of abstract methods which child classes must define, see :mod:`.abstract_storage_ops`. """
[docs] @classmethod def identity(cls, a: ElementOrTypeT) -> ElementT: return cls.from_storage(a, [0] * cls.storage_dim(a))
[docs] @classmethod def compose(cls, a: ElementT, b: ElementT) -> ElementT: if cls.storage_dim(a) != cls.storage_dim(b): raise ValueError( f"Elements must have the same storage length ({cls.storage_dim(a)} != {cls.storage_dim(b)})." ) return cls.from_storage( a, [ax + bx for ax, bx in zip(cls.to_storage(a), cls.to_storage(b))] )
[docs] @classmethod def inverse(cls, a: ElementT) -> ElementT: return cls.from_storage(a, [-x for x in cls.to_storage(a)])