Source code for symforce.path_util

# ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
# SymForce - Copyright 2022, Skydio, Inc.
# This source code is under the Apache 2.0 license found in the LICENSE file.
# ----------------------------------------------------------------------------

import json
import typing as T
from pathlib import Path

[docs]class MissingManifestException(RuntimeError): pass
class _Manifest: """ Internal class to manage loading data from the build manifest and caching that data. Not intended for use outside of """ _manifest = None @classmethod def _ensure_loaded(cls) -> None: if cls._manifest is None: manifest_path = Path(__file__).parent.parent / "build" / "manifest.json" try: with open(manifest_path) as f: cls._manifest = json.load(f) except FileNotFoundError as ex: raise MissingManifestException(f"Manifest not found at {manifest_path}") from ex @classmethod def get_entry(cls, key: str) -> Path: cls._ensure_loaded() assert cls._manifest is not None return Path(cls._manifest[key]).resolve() @classmethod def get_entries(cls, key: str) -> T.List[Path]: cls._ensure_loaded() assert cls._manifest is not None return [Path(s).resolve() for s in cls._manifest[key]]
[docs]def symforce_dir() -> Path: return Path(__file__).parent.parent
[docs]def symenginepy_install_dir() -> Path: return _Manifest.get_entry("symenginepy_install_dir")
[docs]def cc_sym_install_dir() -> Path: return _Manifest.get_entry("cc_sym_install_dir")
[docs]def binary_output_dir() -> Path: return _Manifest.get_entry("binary_output_dir")
[docs]def symforce_root() -> Path: """ The root directory of the symforce project """ return Path(__file__).parent.parent
[docs]def symforce_data_root() -> Path: """ The root directory of the symforce project, for use accessing data that might need to be updated (such as generated files). Most of the time this is the same as `symforce_root()`, but when the `--update` flag is passed to a test, this is guaranteed to point to the _resolved_ version, i.e. the actual symforce location on disk regardless of whether this path is a symlink. """ from symforce.test_util.test_case_mixin import SymforceTestCaseMixin if SymforceTestCaseMixin.should_update(): return Path(__file__).resolve().parent.parent else: return symforce_root()